Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why are we afraid of NO?

Why are we so afraid of the word NO? It doesn't cause physical harm, it's not painful nor does it cost us any money. Or does it? Yes, it does.

We can't elevate the customer's NO response to something personal. They aren't always saying NO to us. They are saying NO to the product or the price of the product for reasons that have nothing to do with the salesperson.

In our lives as human beings it is inevitable that we will hear the word NO at least once. In reality, we will probably hear it many times a day. Instead of withdrawing in defeat, we have to learn how to handle the NO's that come along.

How can you do that? Some of the top salespeople in the world handle the objections in their sales pitch. If there are some common objections you know from previous experiences, you can weave them into the conversation. For example, if you know a product has a downside (large pills, funny taste, large quantity of pills, high price, etc.) go ahead and address the issue.

Agree with your customer. If they bring up an objection, you can use a technique that renowned motivational speaker Zig Ziegler uses. Use the words feel, felt or found. "I understand how you feel, our other customers felt that way too until they tried it."

Practice handling objections with other employees or ask your manager for help. Chances are they're not going to say no. :)

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