Monday, July 5, 2010

How important is that phone call?

A customer walked in to my store the other day asking what seemed to be pretty basic questions. I really didn't give any consideration to the fact that she was testing me.

After several minutes of questioning, I find out that this customer had just come from another location just a few miles away. While she was at the other store, the store employee took a phone call, a personal phone call. According to the customer, she wasn't asked to wait while she took the call. Whatever the reason, the customer's perception was that the phone call was more important. So she left and came to us.

Had the customer not told me about this incident, I would have never known. But to tell the truth I wouldn't have changed my approach. Knowing how important everyone is that comes through our door we have to balance taking care of the customer in-store and handling the occasional phone call. It's happened to you right? What do you say when the phone rings and  you are working with someone already? Do you politely excuse yourself to answer the phone? Could you take down the caller's name and number in order to call them back?

However you handle it, both customers need to know they are extremely valuable and you are willing to help them in an orderly and timely way. The saying, "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression" rings true here.

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  1. Cool. Two days in a row.
    Very nice post. Common sense but not common practice.