Friday, December 3, 2010

Random act of kindness

I had a craving for a Chick-fil-a biscuit this morning. It had been a while since I had been there. Sort of a self-imposed ban. Saving bucks and calories.

It was Thursday and I usually take the kids to school so they can sleep in a little bit. That's not the real reason. I just like doing it.

Anyway, we're in the drive-thru line and I recognize the family in line behind us. So as I'm paying for mine, I tell the attendant I want to pay for the car behind me. I got my breakfast and sped off trying to be inconspicuous. With two elementary age kids in the car that was going to be tough. They would see this family at school just a short time later.

The day is rolling along and I didn't think about this until I got an email from my wife titled "Generosity". The email was a question. "Do you know anything about this?" It was a note from the principal where our kids attend. He sent the following letter to my wife.

"I don't know if it was you or your husband, but whoever blessed Ms. _______ this morning touched her in a very special way with the kind gesture at Chic fil A. 
Thank you for your kindness.  Parents like you make such a difference in the lives of our teachers and, as a result, our students.
Be blessed.  You have certainly blessed others.
ps - I know that this is really none of my business.  I apologize if this is an intrusion."

When I picked up the kids from school, the principal was waiting to meet me. He shakes my hand and again tells me how my simple act went a long way in blessing someones day. When the kids were ready, my son hands me a thank you card addressed to the family. It went into further detail of the difficulty this family had been facing over the last few weeks. It changed their day from a bad one to one that was filled with blessings.

Many times we never hear from the ones directly affected by our random acts of kindness.

Bringing this type of attitude into your operation can only spell success for your business and for you.

But let's not rely on the randomness. Begin your day determined to be a blessing to everyone you meet.


  1. WOW! Thank you for sharing this inspiring story. Such a small gesture; with such a profound affect. It's true; it's the little things that mean such a lot.

  2. David, it is said that the giver gets as much joy out of giving as the receiver. It is true and whether you ever knew they cared, I am pretty sure you had already filled your day with joy.

  3. PH . . I was glad to share this story. We should never underestimate what we might consider a small act of kindness.

    Donna, I really didn't think much about it after we left the drive thru. She poured herself into the thank you card. And the blessing was returned to me. It was a great day!

  4. David, this is one of your best posts, IMHO.

  5. Thank you, Jeff.

    I debated on just how much to share about this event because I didn't want the focus to be on me. Rather, I wanted others to see just how big of an affect their small deed can be to someone else they know or even a stranger.