Saturday, December 11, 2010

See you again soon

As a customer was walking out, I said, "See you again soon." She stopped at the door and told me "Yes you will. You guys are always so nice to me."

That made my day.

But she made my day first by coming in. And I wanted her to know that.

Our guests/customers need to feel that they are the most special person at that moment in time. More important than sweeping the rug, or restocking the shelf, or working on that spreadsheet.

If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be . . . . period.


  1. Right on target.

  2. Thanks Donna. A friend sent me an email saying this one sounded like a repeat. If we're not reminding ourselves the importance of repeat business we won't have any.

  3. Too funny, the one thing you can gather from that is that people are reading and that is great :-) You have my vote to repeat all you want and say it differently, customer service matters.