Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do more with less . . . Why and How?

Do a Google search on the above title and you'll get thousands of pages, articles and images about doing more with less. Frankly, I believe it is an overused phrase and most people do not understand what is implied by this statement.

However, during the past 18 months, many people across the globe have experienced some kind of economic downturn anywhere from mild to catastrophic. And we are reminded every day in store that many around us are still experiencing tough economic times. It does not matter if the turbulent times were caused by political forces or cyclical economic trends. They are real and the consequences run deep.

So we are often asked to "do more with less." How does this statement affect us? It may mean fewer hours for some employees. It may mean longer hours for others. It means we have to maximize every dollar that comes through our registers. It means cutting expenses. It means taking advantage of buying discounts from our partners. It means paying attention to product trends and customer trends. It means taking time to educate yourself and your customers on new product innovations, new delivery methods and new research.

One term that comes up repeatedly when you search on "do more with less" is organization. Some of you reading this may be thinking, "David, you're not the most organized person in the world. How can you be telling us about organization?" Let's call it a personal work in progress and it is something we can help each other accomplish. For some good tips on organization read this article.

Use this post to be ready when the inevitable statement "Do More With Less" comes your way. If it hasn't hit you yet, be ready for it when it does!

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