Friday, March 26, 2010

Do what it takes

Are you doing what it takes to earn more business? I had two separate interactions today that really blew me away.

First, I had inventory early this morning at a store west of town. Finished that, had lunch and worked at another store until mid-afternoon. On the way home, I got off the freeway and stopped for some bottled water. The attendant behind the counter asked if I was from the area or just passing through. I told him what I had done today and I was just passing through although I used to be a regular customer of that convenience store about 12 years ago. He thanked me for coming back and asked me to make that store "my convenience store" whenever I am in the area.

It took me a second to figure out what he meant by that statement. When I realized what he meant I was floored!! I have NEVER had an attendant at a convenience store ask for my business in such a way. I tell you . . . . whenever I am in this area again I will stop and buy something!

The second occurrence happened at tonight at Target. I received a gift card for Christmas and I still had a balance on it but didn't know the amount. I stopped at the electronics counter where a sales associate was assisting a customer trying to purchase a video game. The customer had some type of unique-ity (rather than a disability) and couldn't understand that he was about $17 short. Are you ready for this? The Target sales associate took out his wallet, pulled out his debit card and made up the difference.

This customer may never comprehend what this associate did. Not to overuse a phrase but this blew me away! I told the associate (Zack) that what he did was beyond what was called for. He said he saw a need and just did what he thought would be the right thing to do.

These guys were doing what it took to make an impression and possibly earn customers for life. I'm not suggesting that you open your wallet and buy your guests' purchases. But . . .

Are you willing to do what it takes?


  1. Awesome post. I would hope I am open to being that kind of person.

  2. Wow...that was moving. I have "made up the difference" before for some of my elderly folks but never for more than a buck. What a treat to catch that inspiring act of empathy. That associate is a customer too and was able to meet the need by putting himself in his customer's shoes. Thanks for sharing!