Friday, December 24, 2010

Customer service lessons from the Wizard of Oz

David. Come on. Really? The Wizard of Oz?

How can a make believe world about a place located on the other side of a rainbow relate to customer service?

It's pretty easy.

If you're a bank teller, an auto assembly engineer or a school teacher, you can incorporate the values embodied in the characters Dorothy encounters along her journey.

Brain, Heart, Courage

Brain - Make common sense common practice.

Heart - Have compassion and a will to serve

Courage - Be bold, make mistakes, learn and become better

Next time you watch the movie, remember these three attributes.


  1. I like the Courage piece, myself. There is a lot of wisdom to be gained from living and learning.

  2. Thank you Jeff. Sometimes a few words can get the point across.

    Patty, I love the courage part. It's okay to make mistakes. How else would we grow?

  3. And I totally missed a PS for this post.

    PS. I played the part of the Tin Woodsman as a high school junior.